PhD Theses

Thesis Title Student name Thesis Supervisor(s) Year
The effect of EFL teachers' language awareness on students' grammar knowledge: An exploratory analysis Ali Akbar Taheri Sibel Tatar & Sumru Akcan 2020
Negotiation and Construction of Identities: Everyday interaction between the Refugee and Local Women Hasret Saygı Yasemin Bayyurt 2019
Second Language Acquisition of Nominal Inflection in Turkish Gülümser Efeoğlu Ayşe Gürel 2018
Annotation and working memory in second language reading, incidental vocabulary learning, and perceived cognitive load Burcu Varol Gülcan Erçetin 2017
The processing of morphology in adult second language acquisition Nesrin Kutlay Ayşe Gürel 2017
ELF-aware pre-service teacher education: Reflections and teaching practices from a case study Elif Kemaloğlu Er Yasemin Bayyurt & Nicos Sifakis 2017
An odyssey of discovery: Critical literacy in an English preparatory class Zeynep Mine Derince Yasemin Bayyurt 2016
Second language processing of English past tense morphology Filiz Rızaoğlu Ayşe Gürel 2016
Dynamic interaction of factors influencing Turkish university students’ academic writing practices in English Derya Altınmakas Yasemin Bayyurt 2015
Interrelationships among L2 linguistic knowledge, working memory functions, and L2 reading Sevdeğer Çeçen Gülcan Erçetin 2015
Effects of multimodal glosses on listening comprehension and incidental vocabulary learning of EFL students in a mobile learning environment Fidel Çakmak Gülcan Erçetin 2014
A case study of a Turkish English learner in an EFL setting: investment, imagined community and identity Pınar Ersin Yasemin Bayyurt 2014
Exploring the interplay between a non-native English language teacher’s pedagogical beliefs, classroom practices and her students’ learning experiences regarding L2 grammar Hande Serdar Sumru Akcan 2012
Reading span tests as predictors of L2 reading comprehension: Investigating differences in task design and assessment through correlational and eye tracking data Oya Özdemir Gülcan Erçetin & Cem Alptekin 2012
Processing wh-dependencies in L2 English: The role of L1 and working memory capacity Filiz Çele Ayşe Gürel 2010
The role of portfolios in EFL student teachers’ professional development: A case study. Zeynep B. Koçoğlu Ayşe Akyel & Gülcan Erçetin 2006
Construct validation of the reading subskills of the Boğaziçi University English proficiency test Aylin Ünaldı Cem Alptekin 2004
The relationship between collaboration and professional development: Possible effects of EFL student teacher/supervising teacher dialogue on the beliefs and instructional practices of the EFL supervising teachers Derin Atay Ayşe Akyel 2001
Teaching EFL through English or content: Implications for foreign language learning Ali Işık Cem Alptekin 1999
Teaching EFL through English or content: Implications for foreign language learning Ali Işık Cem Alptekin 1999