Completed Research Projects

Foreign language education in primary schools and teacher education
Starting Date:
September, 2002
December, 2004
Boğaziçi University Scientific Projects Commission
Belma Haznedar

Recent innovations implemented within the scope of Law no 4306 changed the structure and functioning of the institutions offering primary education in Turkey, the most important one being that primary education institutions would offer education for eight years. In regard to innovations concerning foreign language education in Turkey, the new law required the introduction of foreign languages at primary level, with the option of a second foreign language starting at Grade 6. In line with these goals a new curriculum was designed and approved by the National Board of Education. Recent advances in the implementation of the new law have exerted considerable direct influence on both school-aged pupils and the teaching staff and perhaps more importantly on the programs used at education faculties.The aim for this project is to investigate primary foreign language teaching, with special reference to academic training of language teachers. Apart from subjective views that have no scientific basis, one could hardly find any qualitative or quantitative analysis of the way English is taught to young primary school children. The project is, therefore, hoped to contribute a great deal to the specification and implementation of primary foreign language education policy in Turkey.