Required PhD-level FLED Courses

FLED 602Advanced Research Methods
Examination of different research methods in second language learning. Focus on procedures of observational and correlational studies. Constructing research designs, hypotheses, and questionnaires.
Credit: 4 (4+0+0)
FLED 611Aspects of Bilingualism
Study of bilingual societies, language choice by bilinguals, bilingual language acquisition, and effects of bilingualism on language structure and use.
Credit: 4 (4+0+0)
FLED 700*Graduate Seminar
Seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers, and graduate students designed to widen students’ perspectives on specific topics of interest and to expand their range of scientific research techniques and publication ethics.
Credit: 0 (0+1+0)
FLED 790Doctoral Dissertation
Design and completion of a research project on a major topic of student’s special interest under the supervision of a dissertation advisor
Credit: 0
ECTS: 120