Required MA-level FLED Courses

FLED 501Research Methods
Introduction to the basic concepts and processes of research in second language learning with an emphasis on data collection and analysis.
Credit: 3 (3+0+0)
FLED 511Theories of Second Language Acquisition
Analysis of major theories of second language acquisition. Each theory to be examined with respect to second language development, relations between first and second language acquisition, and second language research.
Credit: 3 (3+0+0)
FLED 579Graduate Seminar
Seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers, and/or graduate students designed to widen students’ perspectives on specific topics of interest and to expand their range of scientific research techniques and publication ethics.
Credit: 0 Pass/Fail (0+1+0)
FLED 690Master’s Thesis
Design and completion of a research project on a topic of student’s special interest under the supervision of a thesis advisor.
Credit: 0
ECTS: 60