Psycholinguistics Lab

The department has a psycholinguistics laboratory that currently has two state-of- the-art eye-trackers: ASL D6 and EyeLink 1000 Plus. ASL D6 has been used in the faculty’s research projects since 2011 to examine a variety of topics, such as reading span tasks as measures of working memory capacity, cognitive load of captions in second language listening, reading strategies of second language learners, and the processing of morphology in Turkish-English bilinguals. The recent addition to the laboratory is the EyeLink 1000 Plus eye-tracker through which more sensitive measures are obtained for exploring morpho-syntactic and metric factors underlying monolingual and bilingual sentence processing. The psycholinguistics laboratory allows for collaborations among graduate students and faculty in our programs and those from Cognitive Science, Linguistics and Psychology, as well as other departments in the Faculty of Education.
Principal Investigators: