• Assist. Prof. Nur Yiğitoğlu has been awarded the Faculty of Education Outstanding Teaching Award-2019.



  • DADM (Ders Arası Dil Molası)-An English language teaching project for primary school children at 7 state schools in Sarıyer has officially been launched. For press news, click here.Prof. 


  • Belma Haznedar gave a talk on young foreign language learners. For the highlights of the talk, click here.


  • Prof. Belma Haznedar appeared as a guest on CNN Turk TV show "Dünyanın 1001 Hali" on December 3, 2017. To access the video, click here.


  • Our undergraduate student, İdil Işıkveren ranked first in the "26th Ankara Japanese Speaking Contest" in Category B, on November 19, 2017.