Exchange Programs

Our International Exchange Partners

The Department of Foreign Language Education has student and staff exchange programs at the graduate and undergraduate level with the following universities. For the detailed list of partners, please click here. For further information on exchange programs visit Boğaziçi University Office of International Relations.

Universities (Department Agreement)

Undergraduate Level

Graduate Level

University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

University of Bremen (Germany)(German required)

√ (MA)

Chemnitz University of Technology(Germany)

Ludwigsburg University of Education(Germany) (B1 Level German required)

University of Augsburg (Germany) (B1 Level German required)

Università Degli Studi di Padova (Italy) (A2 level Italian required)

Università per Stranieri di Siena (Italy) (B1 level Italian required)


Universita Degli Studi di Verona (Italy)

Fontys University of Applied Sciences(The Netherlands)

√ (MA)

University of Lleida (Spain)


University of Valencia (Spain)(Spanish required)

The University of Zaragoza (Spain)


University of Szczecinski (Poland)

√ (MA)

University of Erfurt (Germany) (B1 Level German required)

  University of Minho (Portugal)                                                                                             

Universities (Faculty Agreement)

Undergraduate Level

Graduate Level

Bergische Universitat Wuppertal(Germany) (B1 Level German required)

√ (MA)

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Holland)

√ (MA)

University of Huelva (Spain)(B2 Level Spanish required)

University of London (UK)


Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) (B1 Level Spanish required)


Universite de Strasbourg (France) (B1 Level French required)

√ (MA)

For information on application procedures and important dates, please visit International Relations Office-Outgoing Students web page
For further questions, please contact Departmental Exchange & ERASMUS+ Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Leyla Marti at


Outgoing Students

Important note:

Dear FLED students,
Please note the list of prerequisite courses before you make your plans to go abroad for a
semester or so as an exchange student.
FLED 201: Prerequisite for FLED 212
FLED 212: Prerequisite for FLED 317
FLED 317: Prerequisite for FLED 318
FLED 311: Prerequisite for FLED 403
FLED 403: Prerequisite for FLED 412 and FLED 416
FLED 311 is a prerequisite course for FLED 403, which should be taken during the same academic year with FLED 412 and FLED 416. This means that if you have not successfully completed FLED 311, you will not be able to start your practice teaching in the senior year.

The following are the departmental requirements that need to be completed before going abroad:

Once being selected, please contact the Office of International Relations (Uluslararası İlişkiler Ofisi) for any deadlines and requirements.

Learning Agreement: You need to fill out a ‘Learning Agreement’ form. This will include details of the courses you will be taking abroad and also details of the corresponding BÜ courses which you will be exempt from (i.e. the total BÜ credits which will be deemed completed) upon successful completion of the courses you register for at the host institution. The expected work load for a semester abroad is 30 ECTS credits for Erasmus+.
The Learning Agreement must be approved/signed by you and your academic advisor/departmental coordinator, after which it will be submitted for departmental approval and the approval of the institutional coordinator. You can make changes to your ‘Learning Agreement’ later, but it needs to be approved and signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator before the end of the semester. 

How to apply: Submit an Exchange E-petition. This will be also your Leave of Absence petition . Do not forget to attach the letter of acceptance/learning agreement. The exchange period is usually counted towards your degree so that you can transfer credits, so ignore the “Do not count towards my degree” option. Please, check International Relations Office-Outgoing Students web page in order to obtain up-to-date information about these procedures.

Example e-petition text: Yabancı Diller Eğitimi Bölümü’nde’lu 2. sınıf öğrencisiyim. Erasmus+ programı kapsamında ........................... akademik yılının güz döneminde .........................gitmeye hak kazanmış bulunmaktayım. Güz dönemindeki eğitimimi belirtilen üniversitede tamamlayacağım. Ekte öğrenim anlaşmasını bulabilirsiniz. Gereğini arz ederim. / Bilginize arz ederim.

Before you go abroad, register as usual. You do not have to add courses in the registration period, but inform your advisor about your exchange program so that s/he could approve your program. Even if you forget to do these, at the end of the registration period, the Registrar’s Office will note that you are ON LEAVE anyway.

The following are the departmental requirements that need to be completed when you come back:

Once you arrive safely back from the exchange program, you should contact your academic advisor at your Department and follow the procedure set by your Department or Faculty to transfer the credits you have sucessfully completed at the host university. 

The courses taken abroad can count towards your degree here at Boğaziçi University as elective courses. The exhange courses you successfully completed must be approved by your advisor, the department and the Faculty Board.

It is necessary for you to upload your transcript obtained abroad and a document indicating the grading scheme of the university where you took courses as an exhange student. It might also be useful to have a course catalogue of the host university about the contents of the courses you have taken. The credits obtained abroad can be transferred to the BÜ program on the basis of these documents.

Note that you cannot transfer the grade you have taken at the host institution but only its credit. Your GPA is calculated using grades of the courses you have taken at Boğaziçi University only!

Incoming Students

·  Erasmus+ students applying to our department have to take at least two FLED (Foreign Language Education Department) courses; Exchange and Special students are expected to take at least one FLED course.

Students will register for courses through the University’s online registration system ÖBİKAS.

On the registration day, as early as possible (the system opens at 10:00 A.M.), students should ADD the courses they wish to take. If a course is already full, students should electronically send a CONSENT request to the instructor, and are also strongly encouraged to visit the course on the first day of class, and to talk to the instructor in person. If a student is accepted but not registered in time, or if the student decides not to remain in a particular course, there is a second ADD/DROP period early in the semester to finalize students’ schedules. This add/drop window is open only for three days, so students should already be attending and actively involved in the courses they wish to take.

For FLED course descriptions, please click here.

A list of courses offered each semester with specified course hours, is available under the “Schedule” tab of the general services section of the registration website. For more information, please click here.

Most courses are subject to quota (class size) restrictions and therefore not all eligible students will always be able to take them. Students are encouraged to be flexible and to have alternate choices when planning their schedule.

For further questions and concerns, please visit the Office of International Relations.

Term Dates:

Fall: September-January

Spring: February-June

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