The Department of Foreign Language Education

The Department of Foreign Language Education (FLED) offers a 4-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language Education that aims to prepare students as teachers of English in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. The curriculum includes courses in theoretical, methodological and pedagogical approaches to the acquisition and teaching of foreign languages. Through elective courses, students can explore additional subjects and develop their knowledge in other fields. Agreements with local public and private schools afford students an opportunity for supervised teaching practice. The department also has staff and student exchange programs with leading universities across the world.
The MA and PhD programs in English Language Education aim to prepare graduate students for an academic career in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Education and to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of those students who already hold teaching positions. A balance between theory and application is maintained throughout the graduate programs, ensuring that students develop advanced, specialized knowledge in the field and equipping them with academic research skills. Graduates of the Master’s program often continue their graduate work in the field or carry on with their teaching and research activities in their professional lives. Those awarded a PhD degree typically choose to pursue academic careers at universities. The MA and PhD programs are both carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Institute for Graduate Study in Social Sciences.